Training and events

Training and updating courses are the basic tools Intercosmo uses to convey its business culture to customers who become aware of the market it operates in and how it works. At the same time Intercosmo develops technique and creativity, and increases the value of its talented hairstylists.

This philosophy can be shared if we think that today to sell a good product is not enough in order to retain customers and to get new ones.

The professional hairstyling industry requires an endless updating about the market news and above all about theory, technique and communication but the value added  is given by the ability to meet the customer’s needs promptly and successfully as far as training and professional growth are concerned.

Customers are offered full training courses dealing with all aspects concerning the running of a salon, from the technical aspect to the  image counselor or the management.

7 training areas are offered with real, clear and targeted phases in order to convey our partners the immediate and necessary value added that makes answers to the sudden changes possible. There are 7 training areas and 7 different colors. Each color stands for an important resource for growth and differentiation for the  professional hairdresser today.

Technical Centre

Technical Centre

The Technical Centre is the pride of Intercosmo.

Thanks to its intensive workshops, theoretical as well as practical, it is the training centre where the hairdresser can develop his/her basic resources through the acquisition of professional competencies.

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