To be irreplaceable you have to be different. And to be different you must make you recognize and be able to offer something that others do not have, creating a strong and trusting image. Choosing to accede to a philosophy of work and management of the salon that is able to differentiate its business, means to lead your business to success. And this is why Intercosmo, that has always meant quality and authenticity, decided to cooperate with two exceptional partners: Carla Bergamaschi e I Giannini.


Bergamaschi In is a philosophy

Bergamaschi In is a philosophy, a club, a group of friends with whom to share the latest trends in hairstyling: to grow up together and share a common passion. The project was born from the creativity of Carla Bergamaschi, a professional who has gone through 40 years of history of national hairdressing, collaborating with top designers. His strength? An innate elegance combined with the constant pursuit of the perfection Made in Italy.

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